onsdag 11 juni 2014

Ur Marat/Sade av Peter Weiss:

MARAT: Wrong Sade wrong
This imagination you talk of is
useless to me
Imagination can't break down
any real barriers
I write but I never believed the pen alone
could destroy institutions
I know the dangers
However hard I fight for the new age
the only time it seems to come any closer
is in the quiet between our clumsy battles
We're all so clogged with dead ideas
passed from generation to generation
that even the best of us
are unable to control our own lives
We invented the Revolution
but we didn't know how to run it
Look everyone wants to keep something from the past
a souvenir of the old regime
This man decides to keep a painting
This one keeps his mistress
This man keeps his horse
He [pointing] keeps his garden
He [pointing] keeps his estate
He keeps his factories
This man couldn't part with his shipyards
This one kept his army
and that one keeps his king
And so we stand here
and write into the declaration of the rights of man
the holy right of property
And now we find where that leads
Every man's equally free to fight
fraternally and with equal arms of course
Every man his own millionaire
Man against man group against group
in happy mutual robbery

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